Intellectual Property

At Margareto IP we offer you preliminary advice, and we handle the process of registering and protecting the creative value of your literary, artistic and audiovisual work. We take care of all the red tape involved in applying to the intellectual property right registration authorities.

What do intellectual property rights protect?

The Spanish Intellectual Property Right Act vests the authors of original literary, artistic or scientific work with a series of rights.

While the author of a literary, artistic or scientific work holds intellectual property rights by pure virtue of having created the work, and registration is voluntary, other people can easily use work under intellectual property rights without the consent of the author or right holder. Registration provides an additional protective mechanism that can be used as proof. This way, it increases the legal certainty involved in intellectual property right deals.

Before an intellectual property right is registered, the registrar has to examine the registration application and the legality of the acts and contracts concerning the registrable right. A registrar may refuse registration applications or suspend registration, depending on the findings of the examination.

If you don’t agree with the registrar’s decision, you can take civil action against it.

Our attorneys are intellectual property specialists. They will draft licensing agreements and exploitation right assignment agreements to protect your moral rights and exploitation rights.

ISBN and Legal Deposit

We offer preliminary advice and ISBN code applications for authors who would like to self-publish without involving a professional publishing house. We do the same for public and private institutions on those occasions when they want to apply for an ISBN code as the author/publisher of their own publications.

We also provide consultancy for publishers on what Legal Deposit code arrangements publishers and publication producers need to make and how to deposit copies of publications at the correct office.

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