At Margareto IP we offer customised service and preliminary strategic advice, patentability reports and feasibility reports. We are right there with you throughout the process of preliminary analysis, registration, renewal, enforcement and defence of your patents and utility models.

What is a patent?

A patent is a title that acknowledges your exclusive right to exploit an invention and prevents others from manufacturing, selling or using the invention without your consent.

How long does patent registration last?

Protection is good for a limited 20-year period.

Generally speaking, a patent application has to be submitted in each country where you want your invention protected. The laws of each country determine how patents are granted in that country and how long they last.

It is important to file a patent application before you release the details of your invention publicly. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a valid patent, because your invention will no longer satisfy the “novelty” requirement.

For us what is important is you and your invention. We will talk it over and work out the best protection strategy to safeguard your inventions anywhere in the world.

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