At Margareto IP we offer preliminary consultancy service on how to protect your trademark. We can deal with all the red tape for you in Spain, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a mark that sets one company’s products or services apart from all the others products and services on the market. Trademarks can be protected only through registration.

Why should I register my trademark?

Because registering it gives your company the exclusive right to prevent others from marketing products identical or similar to yours. You can also keep other people from using a similar trademark that might be mistaken for yours.

How long does trademark registration last?

Trademarks are good for ten years, counting from the date of your application for registration, and they can be renewed as many times as you like.

Together we will create the right strategy for your trademark, to increase the value of your products and services on the market, plus a strategy to kick off your international expansion in foreign markets.

Remember, we also have a trademark enforcement service to keep a watchful eye on your trademarks.

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