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Welcome to our section for young entrepreneurs. We value the human factor as something vital, and we share many of your same values and concerns. We know you have been dreaming of your startup, and that is why it is our goal as lawyers to pave the way for you to ensure optimum growth of your business on the market.

We will help and advise you on how to draft certain contract clauses to protect confidential business information employees might learn. Know-how is a startup company’s star asset, so we will work with you to draw clear lines, so that only the confidential information that is strictly necessary to produce your product or service can be accessed, and we will help you establish the right parameters to keep that information confidential.

Our attorneys can draw up nondisclosure agreements for relations between companies, amongst the partners in your startup, between partners and the people on their team, between a company and an investor, between a company and an industrial partner, or any other combination. Nondisclosure agreements keep people from divulging any of the confidential information that falls under the agreement or the activities concerned in the agreement. They are a good way of regulating and protecting secrets that aren’t protected by industrial property rights.

We can also draft and advise you on non-compete clauses, which prevent your employees from going over to the competition or even getting into private business on their own using information from your firm.

We can make all arrangements and give you advice on registering your domain name, together with arranging and managing your trademark. We will check that your startup’s website meets all legal standards (like including a legal notice for website users and browsers, certain legal clauses and compulsory identification data), and we can even include general terms and conditions.

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